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Webinar on Calligraphy Education Attracts Global Audience

On May 17th, 2024, the American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education hosted a highly anticipated Zoom webinar titled "From Calligraphy Textbooks to Teaching Innovation."

Dr. Xiaojun Wang, a professor of Chinese in the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Western Michigan University, and a visiting professor at Beijing Language and Culture University, joined forces with Dr. Jin Liu, a Chinese professor at Chaffey College, to discuss the evolving landscape of calligraphy education.

The webinar focused on the framework and conception of teaching materials tailored to meet the needs of calligraphy education. The speakers emphasized the necessity of incorporating calligraphy courses into educational curricula and shared their valuable insights through the "Five Combinations," a teaching methodology they developed. This method underscores the importance of integrating traditional techniques with modern educational practices to enhance the learning experience for both students and teachers.

Dr. Wang and Dr. Liu also presented their recent calligraphy teaching works, which have been instrumental in advancing the field. Their contributions have established essential tools and created strong links between students and instructors, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of calligraphy.

The event attracted nearly 70 participants from around the world, including educators, students, and calligraphy enthusiasts. Attendees praised the webinar for its comprehensive and engaging content, highlighting the speakers' expertise and the relevance of their teaching strategies.

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