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Celebrating The Year of Rabbit

Best Wishes for the year of Rabbit! 

How wonderful is that! The American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education (ASSCE) welcomes the 2nd year of “Celebrating New Year (Spring Festival) with  calligraphy work”.

As the year of Rabbit comes, we are back to our normal life from pandemic. Just like rabbit represents energy, we would love to have an energetic year as well.  Members of ASSCE, friends and  students have already showed their passion to join this activity with their brushes. We thank everyone for their wholehearted participation, and wish all a prosperous, healthy, and auspicious New Year!

By Professor Huiwen Li 李惠文教授 巴德學院

By Professor Xinshi Tu 屠新時教授 丹佛大學

By Professor Bin Zhou 周斌教授 上海交通大學

By Professor Zhisheng Chen 陳志聲教授

By Professor Song Ji 紀松教授 中國標準草書學社

By Professor Tong Zhang 張彤教授

By Professor Bing Qi 啓冰教授 廈門大學

By Hesong Lu 鹿鶴松教授 台灣甲骨文研究學會

By Ms. Jining Lv 呂吉寧老師

By Ms. Li Li 李力老師 Notre Dame Academy

By Ms. Cher Lin

By Professor Ran Zhao 趙冉教授 弗吉尼亞理工大學

By Ms. Ren Li 李韌老師 Brockton High School, MA 麻省布羅克頓高中

By Grace Zhang 張小愛同學 Sharon Chinese School, MA.麻省沙龍中文學校

By Soren Morales 毛守仁同學 Sharon Chinese School, MA.麻省沙龍中文學校

By Melody Rivas 旋律 Brockton High School MA

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