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Dr. Lewei Shang Invited to Present Chinese Character Pictography and Application in Calligraphy Teac

On December 18, ASSCE invited Dr. Lewei Shang to present Chinese characters and calligraphy instruction strategies. Dr. Shang reviewed the ancient Chinese characters, especially pictographs and pictograph-based compound characters (i.e., indicative characters), which were developed from pictures and bear meanings. Besides, Dr. Shang compared the different shapes of Chinese characters showing the Chinese characters' chronological, physical, and semantic changes. Finally, Dr. Shang also shared how he teaches pictograph-focused calligraphy to children. Chinese characters and calligraphy are critical cultural accomplishments showing the Chinese people's creativity, wisdom, and aesthetics. To share this with other cultures is a must for Chinese language and culture educators and a core duty for ASSCE. A large audience attended this virtual presentation and was involved in the discussion.

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