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Dr. Zhanyong Li Gave a Presentation Titled “From Traditional to Modern: Creation and Appreciation of

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

ASSCE invited Professor Zhanyong Li from Hebei University of Economics and Business to give a Zoom presentation on April 22, 2022. Professor Li holds a PhD in Chinese Calligraphy and Culture from Capital Normal University. His research focuses on the history and theory of Chinese calligraphy. In his presentation, Professor Li covered a wide range of topics, including the transition of calligraphic styles, the appreciation of master calligraphers’ works, and the connections between the ancient masters and contemporary calligraphers. He also talked about how to improve one’s ability to appreciate calligraphic works. In the end, Professor Li answered questions from the audience. Around 30 ASSCE members and non-members attended this event.

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