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Durham Academy Offers Chinese Calligraphy Class


At Durham Academy Upper School, Calligraphy Day is offered once every 7-day rotation, as a cultural supplement of the year-long Chinese curriculum. There are about 20 instructional hours for the entire school year for each class. Students are practicing small seal script and clerical script for the first-year learning. The regular script is taught starting from the second year when the brush techniques and aesthetics are given special importance.

The content is selected depending on the proficiency level of each language class. For instances, beginners are focusing on practicing the basic strokes and recognizing the internal structure of characters. Selected pictographic characters and ideogrammic compound characters are introduced to help students establish the visual sensitivity to the shapes and structural configurations of characters. In the intermediate to pre-advanced classes, each unit contains a traditional poem with corresponding cultural background. Students learn to recite the poem, and produce the calligraphy project within 3 class periods. Feedback and assessment include individual guided instruction, peer evaluating, self-evaluating, and project showcase.

除了中文课堂上的书法课,德仁学院中文项目也与学校心理咨询室共同举办过以减压为目的的“书法静观工作坊 (Mindfulness Calligraphy Workshop)”,配合一系列的正念静观活动,如正念行走(mindful walking), 冥想(meditation), 禅绕画(Zentangles)等,达到对参与者的身心放松,活动在全校范围内反响甚好。

In addition to calligraphy class, Durham Academy Chinese Program also co-organized Mindfulness Calligraphy Workshops with the school psychological counselor. The innovative workshop involves mindful calligraphy practice and other mindful activities, such as mindful walking, meditation, Zentangles, etc. Participants learn to control their breath and their strength while creating a piece of calligraphy project, using traditional Chinese writing tools (brush, ink and rice paper). This practice is designed to reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.

Ms. Bonnie Wang teaching calligraphy class:


Teachers experiencing Chinese calligraphy:


Mindfulness Calligraphy Workshop:


Selected students’ work (October, 2018):

中文四 柯佳童 《静夜思》前半部分:

Excerpt of “A Tranquil Night” by Justin Cobb (Chinese 4)

中文四 赵虎 《静夜思》前半部分:

Excerpt of “A Tranquil Night” by Tigey Jewell-Alibhai (Chinese 4)

中文三 谭铭溪 《静夜思》前半部分:

Excerpt of “A Tranquil Night” by Brooke Adams (Chinese 3)

中文二 金孝琳 《静夜思》前半部分:

Excerpt of “A Tranquil Night” by Dianne Kim (Chinese 2)

中文二 钟敏 《静夜思》前半部分:

Excerpt of “A Tranquil Night” by Luci Jones (Chinese 2):

中文一 古天卓 乔小燕 小篆《千字文》:

Top: Excerpt of “Thousand Character Classic” by Adrian Gutierrez (Chinese 1)

Bottom: Excerpt of “Thousand Character Classic” by Ava Kilgore (Chinese 1)

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