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Members’ Presentation on Calligraphy Education Well-received at 2023 CLTA Conference

The 2023 Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) Annual Conference was held in Washington, DC, from March 31 to April 2. This conference featured a panel presentation on "Teaching Calligraphy Using TPACK: Its Design, Content, and Instruction." The panel garnered significant attention from language teachers and educators interested in Chinese calligraphy instruction.

The panel consisted of three members of ASSCE. Dr. Huiwen Li from Bard College introduced the audience to the concept of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) and its relevance to teaching calligraphy. He also shared his experience with the course content development. Dr. Pengfei Li from Vanderbilt University discussed strategies for promoting deep thinking and understanding in a calligraphy class. And Dr. Ran Zhao from the University of Virginia shared insights on designing and teaching a calligraphy course using contemplative pedagogies and mindful practices.

The panel presentation was well-received by attendees, who praised the panelists for their expertise and insights. Many expressed interest in implementing the ideas and strategies they learned to enhance their calligraphy instruction.

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