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Yuan Xu Invited to Present at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

On April 25, Mr. Yuan Xu was invited by the Confucius Institute at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to make an online presentation on Chinese language teaching approaches and strategy. Mr. Xu is a Chinese immersion teacher at New Century International Elementary School in North Carolina, and he is a member of the American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education. In his presentation, he introduced to 260 online participants how to use technology in the teaching of Chinese characters. Specifically, he shared multiple games, activities, and templates, which all participants felt helpful and immediately useful.

Mr. Xu loves classroom teaching innovation through technology and loves sharing with other Chinese language teachers as well. Shared articles include, but not limited to, “implementing color code for teaching stroke orders”, “teaching Chinese with table games”, “implementing the rewarding system of online game for class management ”, and “Using Database Technology to Multi-Classify Chinese Characters”.

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