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ASSCE 2021-2022 Student-Teacher Joint Online Calligraphy Exhibition

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Call for Participation

For two decades, ASSCE has been committed to promoting Chinese calligraphy education in the K-12 school system and on college campuses through conferences, workshops, lectures, and exhibitions. Through its advocation, calligraphy and Chinese learning have become increasingly popular. Many students were encouraged and inspired to create their own artworks. Recently, the pandemic has given calligraphy education a new mission: fighting the pandemic. At the beginning of Fall 2021, many schools have repeatedly emphasized the importance of "mindset" in learning. Calligraphy is an excellent way to help calligraphers adjust their mentality. Therefore, the Society decided to hold the 2021-2022 Exhibition. Due to the pandemic, however, the exhibition will be online.

This exhibition gives equal emphasis to paying homage to calligraphy traditions and to coping with the current situation. It aims to enable participants to better understand the artistic charms of Chinese characters: their meanings, sounds, and forms, as well as their rich cultural context. It also aims to help create a positive morale among participants at a time of difficulty. By participating in the exhibition, students will have the opportunity to enhance their ability and interest in mastering calligraphy skills, stimulate their artistic potential, and strengthen their theoretical understanding with the help of their instructors.  


The exhibition will feature the works of the ASSCE directors (including its consultants and former directors) and its members, as well as their students. Meanwhile, instructors and students in the United States are welcome to participate, and they are also encouraged to join the society.

Poems, sayings, couplets, famous quotes, or inspirational words from China and the United States are the suggested content for the calligraphy works. The works should be written on rice paper in forms that conform to the traditional calligraphy styles, such as the middle hall, banners, and horizontal batches.

The instructor is responsible for the collection and selection of student works. Each school’s submission should not exceed 10 works. It is also recommended to include the best works from previous calligraphy courses over the years, and, as a result, the students are not limited to their works from the current semester. 

Author groups:

  1. Members and instructors of CSSCE, as well as non-member professors and calligraphers collaborating with ASSCE. 1-2 works per person, high-definition pictures of works and personal bust photos are required. A total of 50 works.

  2. Students in Chinese and calligraphy classes at American universities. One for each person, and one photo taken with the work together, and one high-definition picture of the work. There are about 80 works in total.

  3. Middle and high school students and Chinese school students. One for each person, and photo requirements are the same as above. There are about 60 pictures in total.

  4. Works of calligraphers from overseas and North America. The photo requirements are the same as above. There are about 20 pictures in total.

     The quota for the works of each group may be adjusted.


Please provide high-resolution images of the works, required personal photos, and participant information (including Chinese and English name, age, grade, and school name), and send to Ren Li (, Li Li (, and Tonglu Li ( Please indicate in the subject of the email: "ASSCE 2021-2022".

Deadline: June 1, 2022 (Note: If an extension is required, ASSCE will issue a corresponding notice document). Students who choose to submit works are required to fill out and sign the attached legal form.

Awards and certificates:

Several awards for the best exhibitors and outstanding exhibitors, as well as corresponding certificates will be issued.

Online Exhibition: 

The calligraphy works will be exhibited on the ASSCE website at from June 15 to August 15, 2022.  


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