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Remote Learning of Calligraphy Instruction

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

As a core element of Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy represents the highest level of Chinese visual art closely related to the Chinese language. Teaching calligraphy to students online has been a difficulty for Chinese language teachers without training background. Mr. Yuan Xu and Ms. Ren Li, Executive Board members of American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education, decided to address this issue with their resources and expertise.

As posted on Yuan Xu’s public website on August 5, 2020, these two teachers organized an activity that would undoubtedly bring benefits to other peer teachers in the United States and beyond for their teaching. This activity consists of a short video lecture about remote calligraphy teaching and a free set of classroom calligraphy poster distribution. The lecture presented by Ms. Li introduced step by step how to teach calligraphy with remote high-tech equipment. On the bright color posters designed by Mr. Xu were calligraphic Chinese words about birth and month written by Ms. Li in the Yan Style (颜体). These words can function as Chinese classroom expressions, calligraphy examples, and artful decorations. What a remarkable and beneficial event it is! (Huiwen)

Sample posters of Chinese words designed by Mr. Yuan Xu and written by Ms. Ren Li

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