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The Twelfth (Virtual) International Symposium of Hanzi Shufa Education Held on Zoom

The Twelfth International Symposium of Hanzi Shufa Education, hosted by the American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education (ASSCE), was held successfully via Zoom on July 16th and 17th, 2021. More than 30 shufa educators and student teachers from Mainland China, Taiwan, Slovak, Uzbek, France, Japan, and other countries made presentations in this symposium.  A total of five university shufa professors were invited as keynote speakers. They were Profs. Baojian Deng, Jyh-sheng Chen, Shuqiang Cui, Peter Kocak, and Xinshi Tu. The keynote speakers reported their most recent research findings and shared their impressive experiences in shufa practice and teaching. In their presentations, Profs. Kai Li, Ying Liu, and Xinshi Tu made a thorough review of the early history of ASSCE and the success of this organization. They encouraged shufa educators to join together for the advancement of the shufa education with their utmost. Other presenters shared their effective teaching approaches and fantastic student work through videos, pictures, and rich documents. In addition to the symposium, ASSCE also hosted a shufa work exhibition, where more than 120 shufa works were included. The authors of the shufa works were professional calligraphers, educators, and students. Around 320 people from many countries attended the symposium and had great interactions with the presenters.

Keynote Speaker, Prof. Baojian Deng (Beijing Normal University), making his presentation on Calligraphy practice in this new era

Keynote Speaker, Dr.  Jyh-sheng Chen (National Chin-Yi University of Technology) and his beautiful handwritten outline of the presentation on the spread of Shufa in East Asian countries

Keynote Speaker, Prof. Peter Kocak (Presov University), reviewing his passion for Shufa calligraphy and his daily practice in the past ten years

Dr. Yunying Lin (Chinese Jiaguwen Association) sharing Doubei Huang’s creative calligraphy work

Ms. Hannah Hao (Qingdao University) demonstrating some of the activities and games she used in her calligraphy class

Prof. Ying Liu (National Taichung University of Education) introducing students’ works of character stamps

Ms. Li Li (Notre Dame Academy) introducing one of her class projects—writing “愛” in golden ink on red rice paper

Prof. Pengfei Li (Vanderbilt University)  introducing his equipment and settings for his virtual calligraphy classes

Mr. Eagle Cui (Zhejiang University) introducing Shufa calligraphy fan project

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